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Standard Plans

Our SMS package is a prepaid, multi-user SMS messaging service which allows you to send short messages to your friends or clients. Users can login from home, office or anywhere around the world anytime. Our robust messaging platform is up 24x7 to support users from around the world and different industries.

Who are the people benefit from our SMS service?
Users or professionals who require quick updates while they are on the move. Businesses which require mobile marketing on their events or promotions. Requirements to update users on the change of venue or time on certain events. System administrators can use this service to receive alerts on their system services (downtime).

Any users who require mass dissemination of information will benefit from our SMS service.

  • no contracts (Standard Edition)
  • does not require special software
  • does not require to purchase special hardware
  • no minimum monthly purchase of credits
  • inbound messages will not be charge
  • full access to history reports of your messages
  • broadcast your message from anywhere around the world
  • Opt Out feature
  • Support SSL Encryption
  • Free Email-SMS Alert
  • Free Dynamic Schedule SMS
  • Free Personalized SMS
  • Free Notification feature
  • Free Multilingual SMS
  • Free HTTP Push
  • Free Auto-Reply feature
  • Unlimited SMS Branding
  • robust Addon features at affordable cost
  • features rich user friendly interface

How does it works?
Upon signing up on one of the plans, user will be given a number of standard credits and SenderID credits based on the plan. Each sms send in Singapore will cost user 1 credit. Upon utilising the credits, user will not be able to send message anymore. User can purchase more credits online through our online payment system using Visa and Master cards.

With our SenderID feature, you can customised the SMS header to your preferred name for every sms. We provide unlimited SMS branding. SMS using this feature will utilise 1 SenderID credit on top of the Standard credit.
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