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Benefits and Features

What are the benefits and how can your business leverage on SMS.sg Messaging Platform?

1) No commitment for you on the hardware or software. All you need is to have a Web browser and connection to the Internet. Therefore there is no need to worry on the maintenance and software licensing cost.

2) Our Messaging platform is up 7x24 hours and accessible anywhere around the world. This allow you to make your marketing strategies and broadcast to your clients from any places like, cafes, office, home or even overseas.

3) There is no contract. For as low as S$24*, you can sign up and get your account activated in less than 5 minutes. With our Messaging platform upgrade, you will also get to enjoy new features for free.


Opt Out

Provide an option for subscribers to opt out from your services.

Opt In

This feature allows subscribers to opt-in to your services.

Info on demand

You can provide numerous services using this feature. Information on whatever services you wish like to provide, be it news, events, results, any information you name it. With our Messaging Platform, it can store more than 700 SMS characters which mean you can push more information to your user in a single request.

*Info on Demand allows sender to sends in additional 3 fields. The sender can sends in their ID numbers, answers or any information required by you.

Multilingual SMS

Extend your Global Reach!

Based on the International standard, this feature support multiple languages which mean you can extend or market your business overseas easily. Our platform support Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Arabic, Hindi ... etc. By using this feature, you can send your message in other languages and also conduct your SMS Opt-in, Opt-out, Info on Demand or SMS Voting using their languages.

SMS Voting / Quiz

This feature allows you to create SMS Voting events. You can manage multiple events and with each event, you can create several sub-events for user to vote.

Online Reporting (Messages sent)

This feature allows you to view the number and content of SMS sent. You also can export out the the content to a excel file.


This feature allows you to forward a customised reply to the recipients when you received their sms.

Multi-User support

Support multiple users. Allow your staff to access the same account concurrently.

*Excluding setup cost
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