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The HTTP/SMTP API enables users to customise their applications to communicate over HTTP/SMTP without using webserver like Apache, IIS or iPlanet. Applications can be configured to send individual or group broadcast to the messaging platform through the HTTP API (Get/Post) or SMTP API.

With our enhanced security feature, users can enable or disabled HTTP/SMTP API Access. Users can also restrict the access based on source IP address.

2-Way SMS

Brings intelligence to your SMS services. People who receive an SMS from you are now able to reply directly via SMS. With our enhanced features, you can get receive these replies through your mobile phone(s) or email and you can even export out for archive. Our Interactive SMS enables cross-country, cross-operator SMS services, no more keyword hassles.

Email-SMS Alerts

Email-SMS Alerts. This feature allows you to receive critical alerts from your monitoring services, servers or machines that can only send out email notifications.

Schedule SMS

A comprehensive SMS Scheduler. Our Scheduler allows you to schedule your SMS broadcast once, daily, monthly and yearly. You can import groups or add in new contacts to the existing tasks on the fly without the needs to re-schedule again.
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